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The best deal, is!

You see property advertised, you hear agents tell you this, you wonder if it is true....and maybe you take it under consideration and maybe not. I would like you, if you are at the right price point and if you have similar needs that would be met by this property, to take this listing very seriously.

Approximately a year ago it appraised for $490,000. As far as I can tell the market has gotten a little bit better at that approximate price point and there aren't so many good properties with similar attributes available, so perhaps you can factor that in. We put this property on the market (951 Bonums case you just want to go to our listings and look at it now) at $495,000 or so. The price has dropped once and then most recently the seller dropped it over $20,000. It is now priced at $424,900. That is a very good price. That falls into my cateogry of "the best of the best" simply meaning that when you price a property so that nothing else can compare given square footage, acreage, waterfront, outbuildings, types of fixtures, levels of upgrades....all those sorts of is the best of the best.

The house was renovated a couple of years ago. It has a spectacular kitchen which is part of a large great room that overlooks Bonums Creek. There are decks all around this great room space and you can walk out the side of the living room area of this great room and walk over to the cutest (and sizable) workshop or studio space....with plenty of windows overlook the water views. That space has bunk beds built in to the back of it and a loft space above them. There is a new-ish airconditioner as well as gas logs so it can be an all season space. No water is run out to it...but can't kids run back to the house if they need to? And with two bedrooms other than the large master in the main house....perhaps you've got all your sleeping needs covered. Square footage is in the 2300 square foot vicinity.

There are two master suites, one on the first floor and one upstairs. There are other spaces that allow for a desk or a bookshelf or a collection to be displayed. There is a third bedroom and so two bedrooms on the first floor and one upstairs (an additional bath on the first floor and obviously there is one upstairs with the other master). The floors are handrubbed hardwood, unless they are tile....and sometimes tile is.....marble.....the master bath is terrific with room for someone to sit in a chair next to the large garden bath and read to whoever is the designated "soaker."

The garage space consists of a one and half car attached garage and a detached garage with room enough to have a workshop area in the front of it.

Now you are saying to yourself, why is this still on the market....and here is is back a long gravel road. Some people don't want to be that isolated. When you don't know the Northern Neck and haven't spent much time here that sort of situation may seem rather remote. I find that coming to the Northern Neck was just like moving to NYC when I got out of college.....everywhere I looked there seemed to be an empty nothingness that didn't have much meaning to me. I found that over time as I did things, and met people and traveled around, the area pulled together and became mine. That happened to me in NYC and that happened to me when I came to the Northern Neck 25 years ago. So I can understand that you can feel isolated. I also understand that you feel a sense of privacy and  have your own special escape that you can either stay home or travel out and there you are without a whole lot of interaction with others. That can be good and that can be bad.

Another aspect of this property that may be a drawback for some is that it doesn't have amenities and when you have grandkids visiting there isn't the pool down the street. Depending on the family and how they interact that may either be good or not be so good. I can't know. I'm simply putting out on the table what this is all about.

There is a large pier. There is a lift for a jet ski.  You can see the Potomac from the pier and so it is not far away from the mouth of the creek. Like many areas this is not a deep water situation. I think you can get three feet of water and maybe more. I'm not a boater and so I tell people that they need to investigate. For someone who is canoe or kayak oriented or has a smaller outboard boat....this should be fine. You can also travel back a considerable distance up the creek where there are other properties for sale that is even offered by Sotheby's I believe at a price of over $1,000,000. So there are other people who have taken this gravel road and built down a side road.

At this property there is only one neighbor. Nice house with large garage with garage apartment. This is pointed out just so that you know that this isn't in an area of homes where it is the priciest in the area....the one next door was built as a more expensive house and sold at above $500,000 fairly recently.

Think about this property. Call us to see it. If it suits your needs add it to your list.....I believe you will be pleased provided you've taken into consideration what's been explained above. 951 Bonums (in the Kinsale area).....a very nice house!!

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