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Northumberland and Lancaster waterfront land sales

Sometimes it is interesting to look at how the market is doing in a more segmented way. For that reason I decided recently to look at how well waterfront lot sales have been in Northumberland and Lancaster county. Funny how these two counties are sometimes quite similar in what they have to offer and then again how totally different they are.

If you'd allow me....just think about it. Northumberland county includes Callao, Heathsville, Reedville and all of that Potomac frontage and lots of creeky waterfront. Just an incredible amount of creeky waterfront. Then you come around and there are portions that are right there on the Bay as well as on a most beautiful river, the Great Wicomico. Reedville and the vicinity seem to be waterfront everywhere you look. So lots and lots of variation just in Northumberland. And Northumberland comes very close to Kilmarnock, so there is a long stretch there between Wicomico Church and Kilmarnock which is all Northumberland waterfront. Yes, creeks, but many of them deep water (which is not so along much of the lower Northumberland-on-the-Potomac-side creeks) and these same creeks from Wicomico Church almost to Kilmarnock are an easy distance to the Bay. Very very different types of waterfront.

Move over and look at Lancaster's waterfront. There is a great variety of waterfrontage that includes just moments outside of Kilmarnock either toward the Bay or over toward the lower Corrotoman. There's the waterfrontage that runs between Kilmarnock and White Stone which is all on creeks close to the Bay. There is Windmill Point outside of White Stone which is a totally different world altogether....totally beautiful in its location and presence so close to huge water, but then again just a tiny point of land if the weather ever got really bad and you didn't get out of Dodge. To each their own. I can see how spectacular that location is and for some it is just the right place. I can see how for others it is just too exposed. Beautiful, however you look at it.

Then come back up the Northern Neck to the beautiful creeks that are off the lower Rappahannock River....the Irvington area, and wrap your way back to Weems with the various Corrotoman waterfrontage. Travel up Route 3 and see the waterfrontage on the Rt. 3 side of the Corrotoman, or travel up to Lively and run across White Chapel Road to River Road to find a whole other world of waterfrontage. Truly, there is nothing that is the same about waterfrontage in either county.

So now you say, will you give us some numbers and I will, but waterfrontage is so different that this information is most relevant when you look at the sold properties in particular to see what really sold. The numbers do help a bit, though.

Northumberland & Lancaster waterfront land sales

1/1 through 8/19 priced under $100,000

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Active
# sold 4 10 8 4 8 96
$ sold  187,000 458,500 416,000 142,000 398,400 6.8 million
Median sales price 48,750 42,250 56,000 34,750 46,450 75,000
Median days on market 522 288.5 417.5 808.5 486 411


Northumberland and Lancater waterfront lots 1/1 through 8/19                         priced  $200,000 to $400,000

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Active
# sold 5 5 10 15 7 100
$ sold (millions) 1.16 1.15 2.4 3.6 1.97 28.6
Median sales price 227,500 217,500 213,500 240,000 295,000 271,500
Median days on market 270 133 359 207 93 355


Northumberland and Lancater waterfront lots 1/1 through 8/19 priced  $400,000+ 

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Active
# sold 2 1 1 2 1 38
$ sold (millions) 930,000* 400,000* 500,000* 1.16 415,000* 38.8
Median sales price 465,000 400,000 500,000 581,250 415,000 547,000
Median days on market 233 1653 1263 67 45 353

* not in millions 

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