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Misty morning on the Northern Neck

This weekend has started in a rather sleepy way. The clouds overhead and the little sprtiz of rain has made it kind of quiet and soft. The campers in the campground, who are a reasonable number given how early it is in May, are not jumping out of their campers and tents to get moving on the day. Only one lone boat has gone out from the boat ramp with the voices of the people on board echoing down the river.

When you've lived here as long as I have you almost start to take things for granted. I realized, though, as I walked to out to get the paper, there are simple things that happen every day around here that truly could be considered special if you were attuned to them. At the end of the driveway standing by the mailbox/newspaper box I felt a bit of a presence, but probably I was hearing what would become the sparring event perhaps 30 feet above me as an osprey drove a juvenile bald eagle out of his territory. The whooshing sound of the wings was so loud you might almost have thought they were barreling into me, but they weren't.

This Saturday predawn hour was filled with cries of the numerous pairs of osprey carrying on looking for breakfast. There really are a lot of them up and down the river here with a number of neighboring homes putting osprey platforms off by the end of their piers--so these birds are set with good locations for building nests and raising families. I find that the osprey are a bit of a hazard for me, or shall we say for one of my dogs. For some reason he has decided that catfish carcasses that are dropped randomly throughout the area are tasty, especially as I reduce his dog food because he's gotten a bit older. The dog who used to run all the time, at 8 is seemingly lazy....but I must admit....he probably is a bit older than that puppy I see in my mind's eye whenever I look at him. So if I catch him as he is crunching away, which doesn't happen often since he really wants to escape with his bunch of bones, he clamps his jaw and doesn't let me get at the horrible stuff he is choosing to eat. It's not nice!!

The catfish must be really biting for the visiting fishermen are down by the crabhouse all the time. It is supposed to be a most magnificent location for catching catfish. This past winter in my walking travels with the dogs I ran into a man who was checking on the area. He had been told by a friend that this was the place to go for catfish. His friend had drawn a circle on the map that showed the Naylors Beach area. Hadn't told him precisely what the story was since you can't fish off the campground beach. I sent this guy back to the little bridge and told him that on the far side people often park and then fish off the river side....which really is rather close to the road....and so as a fisher person you should be very careful and as a driver one always needs to keep track of what is going on. This winter visitor had driven three hours from Maryland to check on this and intended to come back in the spring. That is serious fishing commitment!!

Having the quiet time at the beginning of the day is great. Being a Realtor requires constant running it seems. There is always a sign or a lockbox or an inspection, or a showing or a listing presentation, or photographs....or..... I think you get the idea.

Enjoy the day. Visit the various events that are going on. I don't recall who has the Farmer's Market today....which town. I do know that Kinsale has a Strawberry Festival today with food and crafts and music and I think there's barbecue later in the day....don't hold me to it. An event that everyone should enjoy, but perhaps more children oriented. comes the sunshine...the quiet morning is evaporating!


Kathryn Murray, Principal Broker, 804-450-4442 cell

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