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Returning home

Please note that just before this entry is one I wrote on Sunday that has a bunch of numbers. You might want to scroll back after reading this. Or if you'd prefer just numbers, then skip this.

I had to be away for a considerable time assisting with health issues for a family member. Although I came home twice, for all intents and purposes I was gone for 5 weeks. Granted that was probably a bit of a good thing. Missing all of March with the cold and the snow was not really a bad occurence. But I didn't have any choice and although I was in warmer climes I didn't really notice....each day was a whirlwind.

When I got home I started to do a variety of different activities beyond the real estate day-to-day, I was a bit surprised at how quickly there was plenty to fill up my days with activities that extended beyond work. Sometimes I get asked how in the world do you survive here? It is certainly easy to survive and thrive if you are someone who is here part-time to enjoy a second home and all that goes with it....getting out on the water....the beautiful weather....visits from friends and families....just plain great and in a great part of the world.

It may be perceived that during the months when our summertime fun is a memory, it is harder to get by. Well just in the last couple of weeks I have had occasion to do a lot of different things and that was without really trying. There was a volunteer recognition dinner held at The Daily for the Friends of the Refuge volunteers. Although I've been invited for years, I hadn't gone. My husband and I attended and it was a very good time. It was great to get better perspective on the many people who do volunteer their time for the group. For me, I have put together their newsletter for many years since I have a background in desktop publishing and that's easy for me. Also they asked me to be on their committee (the Friends) to review strategies and procedures associated with a purchase of GoPro cameras. The goal of this program is to have individuals or groups go out into the Refuge and to record certain events or information and then find a way to have that put together in short movies that can be posted on the Refuge site to encourage more people to take advantage of the Refuge. It would be a learning opportunity for whoever was embarking on a project and at the same time it could teach or encourage on the other end. This is still in process and not totally refined, but a pretty interesting idea.

Then this past week was Historic Garden Week in Virginia. The different garden clubs present a group of houses within a given county. For the Northern Neck this year's locale was Kinsale. My friend Lynn Norris, who is the Museum Director for the Kinsale Museum had asked me weeks ago if I'd like to hang my photos in the Ice Cream Parlor which is a building adjacent to the Museum and now part of the "museum complex" (which of course is my words and given how small both structures are....is supposed to be a bit of a joke). I had agreed and so what that meant was hanging the show. Beyond that I was to be around for part of the day (last Wednesday) when the tour was in Westmoreland county and all the people were coming through. So I went and I stayed for part of the day. During my time I ran into all sorts of people who I knew from different places in the Northern Neck. It really is a small enough place that that happens and the longer you are here the more often that is true. I spent a fair amount of time speaking with Lisa Hull who is the head of the Northern Neck Tourism Commission. She was there with all sorts of information about the Northern Neck and activities.

I've been to the Rappahannock Art League for a project and seen some good friends there. There was a gathering in Colonial Beach last Saturday evening for the Art Guild there and I went up for an  hour or so.....if you are interested in something, there really will be others who are interested in that too, and here. It is a matter of finding these people. If you came here you had to have an interest in the outdoors, or the water, or rural living....gardening, boating, fishing, etc. The other interests whether quilting or reading...or hunting for that matter.....it's there. It's here on the Northern Neck. There's never a reason to be bored.

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