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Mother's Day. What a gloriously beautiful day it is. Because the weather has been so fickle everything is blooming and staying around for longer. We're not going into the summer fry mode that seems to come to us....cold, rainy, promises of summer and then bang....middle of summer even if it is May 1. Not this year. Some of us had to cover up gardens last evening because of the threat of frost. Actually it was both last night and the night before. It was close....close to frost, but I think we missed it by a degree or two.

I've just looked at the sales numbers of residential in the 4 counties and if you are just comparing 2018, 2019 and 2020 for a brief period of time 4/1 to 5/10....there isn't a real signicant change in sales for this year. 66 total in 2018, 51 total in 2019 and now 49 in 2020. The dollars were highest in 2018, but next highest in 2020. I realize this is a quirky time period, but one of these days I will double down and do a better job. Also, I think we will have a "before" and "after" period, meaning before COVID-19 affected travel and regular business. (I will put up real numbers for this by Tuesday....so that you can see the full market and waterfront as a subset.)

Looking at where we were before the virus I expected we'd be on track with last year (but having done the statistics that I posted on Monday, March 30, I find I was wrong. This was shaping up to be a good year.)

Now, well all bets are off. In a way though, I wonder if in the aftermath....when we are beyond this.....if people may not have greater interest in the country than they would have otherwise....that it could help our market. We now know where we stand at this moment in time. The future is a big unknown, at least the near future.

For those of you who may have been frequenting this Website for years and wondered what happened to my statistic posts, I'll offer a bit of an explanation. As happens to so many of us, family issues and health issues may have to take priority over other things in our lives. That has been what has kept me from being more present in my real estate life over the last almost two years. I no longer have the bulk of these major responsibilities and as you can probably suspect, being able to say that is bittersweet.

A fellow realtor (broker) has joined the firm, Barbara Jean LeFon. She had a real estate firm, Rivah Realty and decided it was time to simplify her life and so here she is. We each have about 30 years in the Northern Neck real estate business. We both believe in communication and professionalism, and bring a great deal of local contacts and understanding to the table. We aren't out to be king of real estate and prefer the idea of working selectively with people who want to know what is really going on either on the buying or the selling side. We look forward to spring and look forward to hearing from you if you'd like the quality assistance we offer.

Since you are reading this you probably know that there are great opportunities to live here and enjoy our way of life....taking advantage of the great waterways whether for bird watching, fishing, canoeing, kayaking or taking a glorious sail. We have the locations that are most enjoyable for you to experience.

We, at River & Rural Realty, are celebrating our twelth year in business. After 15 years as an agent I got my broker's license and decided it was time to be on my own and that was in 2008. It has been a very interesting period of time with the daily surprises of what real estate can bring to any really active agent. That first year was hard though since the market crash was just taking place. Fortunately currently we are in a booming market (in terms of Northern Neck standards).

The statistics that I should put up frequently but haven't done such a great job (see top left button) should help you get a better idea of what is going on. Generally they cover sales in the four counties of the Northern Neck which include Westmoreland, Lancater, Northumberland and Richmond. Really once you get to know the area you realize how diverse these locations are. Well happy hunting....for great real estate deals. You can find them here and now. It is still a buyer's market.

For those who already know the Northern Neck, well it is a given that it is a beautiful place with many rivers and creeks to explore and enjoy. The Chesapeake Bay is closeby too and fishing can be extraordinary. Add to that historic sites, golf courses, some good restaurants (but be forewarned that off-season they are mostly closed), and you should certainly take a look.

There's lots to be learned in the course of buying or selling a house and we can offer the best of perspective. Looking to sell and we'll do a free market analysis and let you know just where your house fits in terms of sales and what is on the local Northern Neck market. Considering buying but you just aren't sure where the properties you are considering fit in, well we can give you that perspective that only a local professional has. Ones with years in the business and a way of looking at what seems complex but can be put into context. Call us and see!!

Our statistics are the only ones out there that can give you a real sense of what is going on. Isn't it better to know if our market is improving rather than asking around and getting anecdotal information. We have the numbers.

The beauty of the place and the relative reasonableness in price of many of the homes is bringing buyers and sellers together this year in better numbers than we've seen in the last few years. This is good for everyone...for those who have been wanting to sell and for those who have been wanting to have a place here to call their own.

Thinking of buying...then please consider joining us here in the Northern Neck to enjoy a world that includes properties on the Rappahannock and Potomac rivers as well as the Chesapeake Bay. (We have waterfront, waterview and water access properties as well as rural residences that take advantage of large expanses of open land). So if you are interested in selling or buying in our four counties (Essex county too) please take advantage of this site. As with all websites, full MLS information is available here, but whether we act as listing agents or buyers agents, remember we can provide you with the best of service.

There are a lot of options of property type in this area. Subdivisions offer amenities, while other properties provide extra privacy for someone escaping the city and searching for a really rural experience. We have agents who can personally take you through the process with great professionalism.

Click on the search button to embark on a search for your Northern Neck of Virginia retreat or waterfront home--perhaps newly built home or an historic older home.(The Northern Neck has a very large number of historic homes of great quality.)

Keep in mind that all property in the search can be shown by any Realtor, working with an experienced professional will make your time spent more informative and effective. Work with a small firm that prides itself on service, knowledge and going the extra mile. Call us!!

River & Rural Realty's broker (Kathryn Murray) moved here from two major metropolitan areas and understands what it takes to transition to this quieter part of the world. We all have a lot of local perspective and experience, so call on us for assistance. (As you'll hear said "we know the 'Neck." And we do.) There are a set of reviews about her, as well as more on her background on the other buttons to the left. Those reviews are through a third party....no one was asked to do anything other than review....

(These photos were all taken within walking distance of where broker, Kathryn Murray lives...and takes lots of photos. She is represented at the Rappahannock Art League in Kilmarnock as well as with the Artists' Alliance at JarrettThor Gallery in Colonial Beach.)

   Please click the contact button or call 804-450-4442 to get started today.
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